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KABA Scholarship



The scholarship includes tuition for no more than four semesters up to $1,500.00 per semester while being enrolled in either a two year program acquiring an Associate's Degree in Construction at Central Community College at Hastings or enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in Construction Management. Recipients will be provided hands-on training through employment with a current KABA member. While in the scholarship program, the recipient must maintain a B average or above per semester in order to keep the scholarship.


Begin employment with a member of KABA's building professionals. Student will be fully employed, at a wage reflective of the job from June 1 of graduating year to the beginning of their fall coursework. During the semester, the participant will be employed part-time as their study schedule allows. Between course sessions it is an expectation that participants would return to full-time work status with the mentor. Upon completion of the two consecutive years at the college/university, participants will agree to continue full employment with their mentor for a least one year if employer agrees.
The student will be required to meet with their mentor and a designated KABA member to follow up with expectations, meeting goals, attendance, etc. throughout the scholarship commitment.
The student will be required to maintain a B average or above and turn in their grades to their contact at KABA at the end of each semester. Payment for the upcoming semester will not be processed until grades have been received.
If at any time the student does not fulfill the outlined obligations the scholarship will be forfeited and the student will be expected to repay the expenses that were disbursed.


Awardee will be selected from the pool of applicants based on the match available in the KABA member mentor pool and from the quality of their application and subsequent interview.


Applications are due April 5 of the graduating year. Interviews will be scheduled the following two weeks. Final selection and notification will be completed by April 20.


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