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Fall Protection Training

How much do you think only 1 serious OSHA FALL PROTECTION violation could cost you? $500? $3,000? $ 12,934?


If you guessed $12,934, you’re absolutely right!  And that’s for EACH serious violation.


To help you avoid costly fines and protect workers, the Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI) in partnership with National Association of Home Builders and Kearney Area Builders Association is conducting a 4-hour Fall Prevention in Residential Construction Training seminar for builders, trade contractors, supervisors and workers.  This training program focuses on identifying fall hazards in residential construction, as well as, providing attendees an understanding of the OSHA fall protection regulations and safe work practices to prevent fall-related injuries and deaths.

Specifically, the seminar will teach you how to: 

  • Recognize common fall hazards in residential construction.
  • Identify when fall protection is required.
  • Determine which protection system to use for a given fall hazard.
  • Understand the key requirements and basic safety practices for each protection system.
  • Understand the safety requirements and practices for ladders and scaffolding.

Make plans to attend today—it’ll be the most informative 4-hours you’ve ever spent learning!


When: December 20

Time: 8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Where: Kearney Concrete Co. (315 S Railroad St.)

Cost: FREE